in times of bigotry



Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present Katinka Lampe’s latest series ‘In Times of Bigotry.’ The exclusive selection of these paintings on view highlight contrasts in imagery based around the concept ‘bigotry’. 


The inspiration of the theme bigotry developed as a result of the extremes in the current political atmosphere. Lampe juxtapositions polar opposites in one singular piece, such as an innocent child wearing a muzzle. ‘Bigotry’ is a theme that inspires the work, rather than a concrete element that can be seen in each individual painting.  


By using a mould to apply the many layers of paint, she creates a flat and even component to her work, a sense of staying within the imaginary lines. The paintings have as many as ten layers of paint, with each layer taking about a week to dry. This rigorous process assures the impeccable finish of the final piece. 


Although at first glance the paintings may appear portrait-like, the focus is not on those portrayed. The models have been stripped of personal qualities and individual characteristics. Rather, they convey a feeling or expression and are a medium through which Lampe’s interpretation of her surroundings and the theme with which she is working can be depicted. Through this distance to portraiture, Lampe has the freedom to add and remove aspects of the whole. Her inspiration lies in the imagery she sees around her, from the internet and current events, to old master paintings. The majority of the models are young, a conscious choice as their facial expressions are less formed, and the young faces and expressions can more easily be shaped to suit the artist’s vision. This artistic process is Lampe’s way of researching and understanding the world, culture and identity.


Lampe’s painting’s express a sense of mystery. They are never purely aesthetic in the traditional sense, and often include a surprising element, a stark contrast, or something to slightly unhinge the viewer.


With the concept ‘bigotry’ Lampe made a new series in search of great contradictions, the conflict and the collision. Many of the works depict these clashing realities. The search for extremes resulted in the extreme white and extreme black works.